"Let's go to Arranarr for a little R and R!!"

Arranarr: a Reddit-like bulletin board

development stage: mid-alpha

closed beta expected to begin February or March 2016

Today's online communities like Reddit and Twitter face dual, potentially existential threats: on the one hand, rampant trolls whose behavior diminishes significantly the level of discourse; and on the other hand, methods of moderation whose uncertain and uneven application give rise to legitimate criticisms of censorship.

Their business models center on the monetization of the wealth of data provided freely by the end-user and placed under their control. It is unlikely that either of the above problems will be solved under these business models.

Arranarr aims to address these and other concerns with a new business model that puts you, the end-user, in control of your data. You monetize your data. You control all aspects of sorting, filtering, and stratification of content through a Web-of-Trust-style system of ratings and reputation. Although arranarr stores content in centralized servers just like any other website, the ultimate vision is to provide a launchpad for a purely decentralized, peer-to-peer system. Many of arranarr's core values are shared by datt, but with an added emphasis on ratings and reputation (=> R and R => Arranarr! woot woot!!) and a broader vision for ratings and reputation to be portable between all types of online communities, not just Reddit-like bulletin boards.

Curious to know more? Send an email to: admin at arranarr dot com.

We are currently building this quietly without much publicity. However, we would be interested in 1 or 2 developers, with consideration given to possible cofounder(s). Languages being used for the minimal viable product include: php, javascript, jQuery, ajax, processing (processing.org) in a joomla! environment. If you think you might like to join our team, send an email to: admin at arranarr dot com.